Perpetual Nature Journal

Perpetual Nature Journal

I was inspired by Lara Gastinger’s perpetual nature journal and have decided to keep my own. A perpetual nature journal consists of a sketchbook with at least 52 double-page spreads (104 pages), each pre-labeled with the dates for each week of the year (in reality, you could organize the dates however you’d like, but weekly made the most sense for me). Each week, add at least one drawing or observation – small or large. Write the date and year next to each entry, as well as any other notes of interest (e.g. location, weather, etc.). What makes this nature journal “perpetual” is that after you go through the first year, you start back on pages you’ve already used, creating a multi-year account of nature observations from that week.

I will post images from my perpetual nature journal here. Check back often to see new entries.


December 24 – 31


January 1 – 7


January 8-14